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Sam Rawlins Short Tour 2010

 In celebration of the 80th anniversay of the Phantom II and the 20/25, Bill Casey of the Phantom II Society is organizing the first Sam Rawlins Short Tour(SRST).
The idea of the SRST is to increase the participation of Pre-War cars at National Meets.
Please take a look at the Map below.
The start of the Tour would be from The Sheraton in Erie, PA on July 18, 2010.
We would overnight at Niagara On The Lake. It is a quaint town and it would also break up the drive to Markham, ONT.
We would then take the back roads to the meet hotel taking as much back roads as possible through Guelph, ONT and come in to Markham from the north.
Much detail is still to be worked out and this map will be updated accordingly.
For any questions, please contact Bill Casey of the Phantom II Society at: srst2010@gmail.com or by phone to 412-231-3484.

Sam Rawlins Short Tour 2010 Toronto

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