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Parking Map 
There was a major update to the maps on April 13, 22:14 HST. This will only be  relevant if you are downloading the maps to your GPS. If you have downloaded maps to your GPS already, please re-download again as I have found that on the old maps, the routes will not be followed on some GPS's. The GPS may decide parts of the routes on it's own. If you have no time, I will down load for you in Lambertville.
The Covered Bridge Tour
We will be following the first half of the Bucks County Covered Bridge Tour. The covered bridges are over small creeks and rivers in Bucks county and were very popular at the turn of the century.

Van Sant Covered Bridge, Loux Covered Bridge, Cabin Run Covered Bridge, Frankenfield Covered Bridge, Erwinna Covered Bridge, Uhlerstown Covered Bridge. Depending on speed and how much time spent at each bridge, it should take about two hours to see these bridges. Had enough? 

Well, it's time for lunch. The plan is to stop by Frenchtown and have a leisurely lunch and visit the small quaint town of Frenchtown. Lunch is on your own since it is Easter Sunday. Many places will have a special Easter Menu so plan on a BIG lunch. If you are not interested, there should be small restaurants serving their regular menu or do the short drive back to Lambertville and enjoy a leisurely lunch.

For those that are still interested in seeing more covered bridges, you're on your own and follow the 2nd half of the map below. 
Drive back to the hotel whenever you feel appropriate.

The Covered Bridge Driving Map 04/20

The second half of the covered bridge tour. You can complete it on Sunday or may be on Wednesday, "No Driving" day. Enjoy!