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There was a major update to the maps on April 13, 22:14 HST. This will only be  relevant if you are downloading the maps to your GPS. If you have downloaded maps to your GPS already, please re-download again as I have found that on the old maps, the routes will not be followed on some GPS's. The GPS may decide parts of the routes on it's own. If you have no time, I will down load for you in Lambertville.
But Optionals

This is a "No Driving" day. That is, no official driving destination has been planned. You can enjoy the town of Lambertville or New Hope. If you want to drive some, there is always places to visit such as Fonthill, the home of Mercer. In Doylestown, the James Michener Museum is always a good attraction.

We have set up a special visit to George Nakashima Woodworker shop. They are not normally open to the public on weekdays. His furniture pieces are on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the naturalistic design as well as the modern feel of the furniture will amaze you.
Currently, the time of the tour has not been set but this will be set before the tour starts. Spaces will be limited due to parking for our cars(We may have to ride share some) and also we will not be the only group receiving the tour that day. It is a very short distance from our hotel.
The tour is highly recommended so please sign up early. There is a fee of $25/person which is a tax deductible donation to the George Nakashima Peace Foundation.
Please let either Ned or Henry know your plans.