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Visit Jim Caldwell & His Collection, Toms River, NJ. Lunch in Toms River TBD.
We have been graciously invited to the home of the Caldwell's in Toms River, NJ. Jim and Marion Caldwell are long time collectors of very nice Rolls-Royces which are regularly shown at prominent shows along the East coast. They have several Springfield Phantom I's, a Silver Ghost and others. Several of their cars antique and new were severely damaged in hurricane Sandy in 2012. This includes a 2007 Phantom which was replaced with a 2013 model. Of course the antiques cannot be replaced that easily.
His home is on the Toms River with wreckage from sunken ships on display in his yard. His business was laying trans Atlantic cables.
Lunch is planned at a very nice restaurant in the town of Toms River.